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The world needs to know that the love of God is concrete. It’s not just an idea. It’s not just an abstract concept… The love of God came down from heaven. He showed himself in flesh and blood.

Bishop Daniel E. Flores (Brownsville)

If I do not have love, I have nothing.

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How incredible is a love that is greater than anything you could ever hope for?

It surprises you,
it thrills you,
it drives you, and
it strengthens you.

It outlives death.
It’s the reason to live.

It’s everything,
it’s all there is.

And it’s big.
It’s unending, 
perfect, and
it’s for you and me.

Amazing Love.

Took him awhile to discover that the world is not a fact, it’s an experience. We cannot explain what rough is, or smooth, or sadness is, or happiness, or the way the wind feels. We have man made words for them. But there is a gap somewhere. An empty space between our words and how something feels. That empty space is filled with some divine presence. 

Maybe a divine presence of some categorical love that moves in all things.

What if energy, that divine force which we cannot explain, is fueled by it.  

This movie is a gem.


You can look out at an ocean and see what you see on the surface. But there is so much depth to everyone. Myself, my friends, family, whoever is reading this. I will never know you as well as you or the Lord does.